The vapor phase organic fluid allows the use of low temperatures to generate electrical power from a few kW to 2.5 MW module. This results in the following advantages:
  • High efficiency of the cycle
  • Extreme high efficiency of the TTVM/G® (up to 85%)
  • Low mechanical stress for the TTVM/G® due to low speed design
  • The low speed allows the direct coupling of the generator without using gearbox.
  • Extraordinary start up and partial load behavior due to wide spectrum usage of the organic fluid.
  • Automatic start-up and shut-down operation
  • Fully automatic operation with low maintenance and operational costs.
  • No corrosion problem due to the non-corrosive organic fluid
  • Long lifetime 
  • Low noise emission
The availability of synthetic heat transfer media and long time experiences with high temperature thermal oil applications has enabled Technofluids to increase power output significant.

ORC modules up to an electrical output of 500 kW are delivered pre-assembled on a skid. All main equipment parts of the TTVM/G®, for example, heat exchanger, feed pump, motor, generator piping, instruments/wiring and other auxiliary equipment are pre-installed and allow cost effective transport and installation at site.

The design of the TTVM/G® follows criteria which allow:
  • Quick start-up within minutes
  • Remote controlled monitoring and load control
  • Operation without permanent operator at the site
  • Remote data management for monitoring and trouble-shooting

Liquid-Liquid Separation

WaterWall® - Complete separation of non-miscible liquids at high flow rate.

Metalworking Fluids Treatment

WaterWall® application: The most cost-effective integrated recovery process to extend the life of metalworking fluids(coolants).

Solid-Liquid Separation

Techno-Floc®: Purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersion of solvated particles.