The organic media is compressed and circulated in a closed loop by a pump. It will be evaporated in a shell and tube heat exchanger by absorbing the thermal heat of the primary oil circuit.

The organic vapor expands in a special designed TTVM/G® which drives the electrical generator and will be condensed in another heat exchanger by using a cooling media like water.

The condensate will then be compressed again by the circulation pump, which closes the thermodynamic cycle.

Neither the thermal oil of the primary circuit, nor the cooling water is in direct contact with the organic media.

For high temperature applications, it is possible to increase the efficiency by using a regenerator behind the TTVM/G®.

In search of further optimization, Technofluids reviewed the overall concept of primary energy input, the thermal oil system and the heat recovery and came up with an advanced principle.

This advanced ORC system allows a much better utilization of the exhaust heat in biomass fired combustion system. Said advanced principle is now a standard for such applications where the electrical power generation has priority compared to recovered heat.

Application of Organic Rankine Cycle with TTVM/G®

Liquid-Liquid Separation

WaterWall® - Complete separation of non-miscible liquids at high flow rate.

Metalworking Fluids Treatment

WaterWall® application: The most cost-effective integrated recovery process to extend the life of metalworking fluids(coolants).

Solid-Liquid Separation

Techno-Floc®: Purification process of polar liquid wastes containing colloidal dispersion of solvated particles.